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Keywords: Media-critical installation, research, webcam, hacking, Google, technology,
religion, responsibility, exhibition, poster, booklet, flyer, book, bachelor-thesis

By means of special Google-Hacks you can find unguarded security
cameras world wide. A control panel in the browser window allows you
to communicate with the devices by the internet. The victims are
completely unawared of their observation.

During a half year of webcam hunting I took over 2.400 screenshots
of different places and situations. I presented the whole archive to
the public within a media-critical installation.

The religious appearance refers to the powerful role of the internet in
western cultures. Religion means to bind; The growing network, which
we constantly access to, became an indispensable sanctuary.
My intention is to question this relationship. Where does this belief in
technology lead to?

A trial-version of the project was exhibited at Pengland Mainz in
January 2013. The German television SWR reported about it.

In order to communicate the event of the installation to the public,
I designed poster, flyer and a small booklet. I collected my research
into a separate book. The project was a part of my bachelor-thesis
under the supervision of Prof. Isabel Naegele.
VisualScreensGrid concept
Keywords: Audio-visual, DNA, music, video, grid, database, cyborg, human and
cybernetics, technology
, identity

A cyborg is basically understood as a being with organic and cybernetic
parts. This sounds like science-fiction although we already know
cyborgs in our society. Implants, pacemaker and prostheses replace
physical weaknesses. But what about other devices like mobile phones
or computer, which extent our field of communication and have become
essential elements in our daily live? Personal data and identities are
spread through a giant digital network – the internet. Where are the
borders between humans and cybernetics?

The idea of the concept is to develop a cyborg by means of a audio-
visuel solution. In cooperation with Erich Aleksei Maier, I developed
a system to generate music out of human's DNA. How does our
individual code of life sounds like compared to others? Three displays
shows a visually course and a compharison of the different sounds.

The following links are the videos of the DNA-music:
Video sequence 1, Video sequence 2, Video sequence 3
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Credit Card 8Credit Card 3Credit Card 8Credit Card 4
Credit Card 5Credit Card 2letter
Keywords: Credit cards, letter, financial crisis, 2007, financial bubble, illusion, movie-set,
comic, bank, depth, Wells Fargo & Co., settlement

The American bank Wells Fargo & Co. got 25 bilion US-Dollar from the
U.S. Treasury Department during the banking crisis in 2008. This was
the highest settlement, which was paid to a bank at this time.
The economy crisis show us how fragile and sensitive the familiar
financial system actually is. The financial bubble is merely an imagination
in the heads of the people, which can burst at any moment. Then it
feels like everything turns out to be an movie-set.

These ten credit cards question the financial system by quoting from
movies and comics.
Keywords: Publication, research, NATO, Libya 2011, civilian death tolls, covert, list, booklet

The research project is about civilian death tolls of the Libyan War in 2011
caused by NATO-bombardements. Figures from articles and reports
which I collected show a higher quote of civilian death tolls in total as
NATO confirmed. There are amateur videos of Libyan citizens in the
depth of YouTube which show the destructive power of NATO-bombs in
civil areas. Does NATO cover a secret to protect their righteously ideology?
linkempty pagesvoice device inside
Keywords: Book, Google X Labs, lazyness, technology, internet, experiment, device,
technology, book for the future

This book refers to an article from the New York Times about the
Google X labs. The secret laboratories researches on inventions for
the future. For example self-propelled cars, selfsubsistent refrigerators
and robots which go to work for you. Is a future of totalitarian laziness
calling us? I tried to design a book for this kind of future. Actually there
are no visible texts on the paper inside. But if someone opens the book,
the official Google voice from Google Translate will read you the article.
I installed a smal electronic assembly, which reacts immediatelly,
when the book is open or closed.

The cover is a digital translation of the soundwaves of the Google
voice into a visual graphic, when it is reading the article. The graphic
displays the completely course of the text. For that, I used the
program "photosounder".
poster serie
Keywords: Being John Malkovich, poster, serie, A0, collage, mud, secret passage, movie

A visual interpretation of the movie Being John Malkovich. The serie
shows a typographical and a graphical solution.
coverpagespreadspread cover
Keywords: Pamphlet, politics, design, essay

A typographical translation of an essay from Michal Beirut about the
political directions of Graphic Designers.
Keywords: Magazine, UbuWeb, pocket format, unbound, archive, season, typography

The design of this document should have the following conditions:
Bookbinding is not allowed, the size should be like a pocketbook,
the content is from and the media has to be a magazine.
The resulting magazine archives the newest articles from the latest
season. A navigation system allows finding articles easy and quick.

Keywords: Mehawk, music, video, website, visuals, identity, organic, digital, performance

Mehawk is a musical duo from Germany and the Netherlands.
The music connects digital coldness and warmth of emotions which
is reflected in the visual identity. I recorded simple objects from nature
and played with the ambivalence of visual recognizability between
nature and digital elements.
fiu card back and front
Keywords: Cards, FIU, financial crisis, money, Soziale Skulptur, Joseph Beuys

During the financial crisis from 2007 the FIU–Verlag (publisherr) reacts
with a text to stimulate people to consider the meaning and idea of money.
The core values of FIU–Verlag is the idealogy of Joseph Beuys.
Keywords: Fanzine, Umlaut, Metal, jogo, ice cream , America

This fanzine includes an articel of Bruce Campbell about the trend of
logos, which contain umlauts. Since heavy metal bands started to use
the “evil” look of an umlaut for their bandnames, a lot of American
companies have got the idea to include the exotic letters in their logos
as well. This typographical phenomen is called “Röck Döts” .